I love Jesus and Jesus hates gay cake.

Look, I know you think you’re winning brownie points with God or something by turning people away and refusing to offer them your services because of their sexual preference. But honestly, I think it would be a bigger ministry to people, and give much more respect to our Creator’s awesome Name (not to mention it would make you look like much less of a hypocrite/bigot/zealot/fool/whatever) if you — instead of touting your own holiness and “punishing the sinners for Jeezus!” by refusing to make their cake, bouquets, or invitations — just sell them the darn cake/bouquets/invitations rather than condemning them and spreading hate behind the mask of Christianity.

Jesus doesn’t require your cakes. He requires you to love people and not condemn them by somehow thinking that their sexual sins are worse than your own. Notice I didn’t say anything about “not judging anyone.” This is because it is utter baloney to think that we are prohibited as followers of Messiah from judging anyone. We are told to judge rightly. Judge fairly. Judge according to God’s standard, not your own. But definitely judge. Otherwise you’re susceptible to the lies and tricks of the devil.

This guy decided he would no longer sell wedding cakes at all at his Colorado based cake shop due to complaints that were filed against his business by a gay couple for refusing to sell them a cake for their “civil union.”
Look, I get it. You’re trying to prove a point by cutting off the majority in order to punish the few. It’s not a new form of logic. It’s not a very logical form of logic, but it’s still not new. There are other ways around it. Take “wedding cake” off your product list, and just tell everyone you don’t make wedding cakes, but still allow people to buy “ordinary cakes” that have the “special decorations” on it. That way your conscience is clean when the gays decide to be married, eat cake, and do other grotesque and bizarre gay people things.

I know, ridiculous.

Equally ridiculous, is when, in an effort to not be labeled “homophobic” by the masses, you claim that you’re only denying them cakes for their weddings, but you’ll do business with them for anything else, adding to your claim that it’s because “gay weddings destroy the sanctity of marriage.” It that truly is your desire, and your actions are not just driven by a greater fear of people than of the Creator, then you need to start asking people whether the wedding for which they are ordering a cake is their first. If your intent truly is to uphold the sanctity of marriage only (and also not to boost your own business’ publicity by making people mad and causing them to blast you on social media and the news, which is deception — something else Messiah condemns), you’ll deny wedding cakes to previously married straight couples as well as the gay couples. Statistically, divorced people do more to destroy the sanctity of marriage than the gay community ever will.

You could even include a note with your product that says something like “despite disagreeing with your lifestyle because the Bible calls it a sin, I will still offer my services to you because that is what my Savior would do, in addition to offering you eternal life for turning away from your sins, including but not limited to your sexual habits.” I think this would do a much better job of preaching the message that Messiah came to deliver, rather than throwing a tantrum like a 3 year old and punishing everybody because you don’t want to share with certain people. How does it glorify God if your business gets shut down by the corrupt society we live in, all in the name of standing up for your own personal belief that the sins of the gays are worse than the sins of the divorced heterosexual? It’s no secret that the world hates what God loves. It will always be against us. Yes, there is a great honor in your life being destroyed for the purpose of glorifying God, but you can do much more for the kingdom alive than dead. Even just in terms of your business.

If nothing else, if you really think about it, the “civil union” will most likely still take place regardless of whether they have a cake from your shop or not, so denying the service doesn’t help anything at all. It only makes you hated by the general public and doesn’t speak the words of Messiah. Messiah didn’t deny the prostitute her life because he disagreed with her promiscuous lifestyle. He also didn’t stop offering salvation to the majority of sinners because some of them might be gay, in an effort to spread His name farther. It’s not how He works. It’s not how we should either.


One thought on “I love Jesus and Jesus hates gay cake.”

  1. Too true. So many things that are considered abominations are ignored or categorized as “lesser” sins by Christianity while homosexuality, which IS an abomination according to scripture is the FIRST thing condemned.

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