Why “pro-choice” really means “pro-abortion”

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an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities: the choice between good and evil.

The word choice is a funny thing. It really only has one meaning, but when it comes to determining the rights of a woman who is faced with an unexpected pregnancy that is either the result of carelessness or a bad situation that she had no choice over (which statistically is far less prevalent than what the media and our current society would lead one to believe), that choice can only lead in one direction: abortion.

“Women’s rights!” they scream at the top of their lungs. But when a woman walks into a crisis pregnancy center, likely knowing full well that the options she is going to be given will not include murdering the child, then the woman is said to be oppressed. She is oppressed because she wasn’t given “every” choice. She was denied the choice to murder another human being in the face of her crisis. Because obviously that’s the logical response to a bad situation. Just look at Timothy McVeigh. Can you blame the guy?

No. The options presented to a woman in her time of fear after finding out that she is pregnant should not actually be an all-encompassing list of choices that she can choose from. The only real choice she should have is to abort, because if you don’t offer a woman (living in a society where abortion is the assumed next most logical response after birth) the option to murder the human being growing inside her, you are no better than the Taliban who beat their women and rape their daughters.

Many “pro-choice” individuals and organizations would argue – ironically – against the right of a woman to choose life for her unborn baby if she is not first made completely aware of the fact that she can have it aborted for free. Or nearly free. Or not at all free, but still, it’s the best for everyone, right?

The world they live in – trigger warning here – is a world of flat out denial of truth and reality. They call “choice” what others would call an agenda to abort as many babies as possible. They call “anti-choice” what any sane person would see as a mother refusing to abort her unborn baby, simply because she didn’t mean to get pregnant. They think that the only logical response to finding out you are pregnant when you weren’t planning on becoming pregnant is to kill another human being. A defenseless, offenseless, tiny, cuddly, chubby, bald, toothless human being.

I take that back. They aren’t offenseless. They grossly offend any individual on the progressive left by their mere existence. It matters not whether the child was planned, accidental, or conceived in rape. They hate that child. Wholeheartedly and unapologetically. And they really do little to mask this hate either. They’re no better than Hillary claiming “what difference does it make anyway?” They know that they have a completely see-thru agenda, and they don’t care.

You know why they don’t care? Because they have a rich uncle named Sam who will get their back and fund their evil regardless of what the majority want. The minority is a vocal one, and they thirst for blood. Fetal blood, specifically.

Choice has only one meaning: selecting one of two or more possibilities. In reality, pro-life advocates are more “pro-choice” than the “pro-choice” group, because they give women actual choices in the face of crisis. And the left can’t stand that. They have only one choice in mind when faced with the decision to let an unplanned baby live or die comes up: that baby must die. In light of this, it is no surprise when  they think that a pro-life crisis pregnancy center needs to advise its clients about the available option to murder an unborn child. Since when do 95% of Americans not know about the option to abort an unborn child? It’s the 2nd most debated issue in nearly every realm of society.

This really is the same reason these same people who call themselves “pro-choice” can’t stand the idea of individuals owning guns: they are completely opposed to the defenseless being defended.

Any individual who claims to be “pro-choice” is really only anti-life, or they would be open to a woman choosing life for her baby without being force-fed the abortion options.