Discrimination or simple recognition of facts?

If you haven’t read or heard about the transgender who is suing Crossfit for not allowing “her” to compete in the women’s division of the Crossfit Games, don’t bother. It’s another story about a LGBT crying  to mommy State because someone told “her” that because of the fact that she was actually born a male, she had an unfair advantage over the rest of the female competitors, and therefore could not compete with the women.



Violation of rights!

I can hear the liberals screaming even now.

I know it’s been said a million times, but just because it is available to you does not mean you have a “right” to that thing. Personally, I don’t want to hear about someone else’s (IMO) gross personal decisions, but if they’re going to use those choices as grounds for calling the rest of us haters just because they’re a freak, I feel the need to say something about it.

As a nation – and especially in my generation – there is an overgrowth of pseudo-rights. Things that just because they are available to us, we think we are entitled to them.

The example that comes to mind the quickest is driving, and having a driver’s license.  That license is not something you are entitled to. It is not a god-given right. It is not something that – I hope – anybody would lay their life down to protect. A 16 year old begging to drive cannot reasonably claim that they are “morally or legally entitled to have or obtain” that driver’s license. It just doesn’t work that way.

In the same way, there is no moral or legal obligation to allow a person to participate in a competition simply because they prefer to be called Stella instead of Steve. It just doesn’t exist in this reality. Taking part in such activities and competitions is a privilege that comes from living in a society that allows for free enterprise and capitalism, where people can choose to take part in those activities.

And what’s more, the transgender wasn’t even being barred from competing! The Crossfit authorities simply decided that any person taking part in the competition, in an effort to rule out any unfair advantages, has to compete with the gender group in which they were born. They were still allowing her to compete, just not in a group in which she had an unfair advantage.

Now, the major argument being made (while largely ignoring the fundamental issue) is that she should’t be discriminated against in this way.

What? Discriminated against? How is telling somebody that they can’t participate with a certain group discrimination? It really doesn’t matter how long a man has taken female hormones,  or how long it’s been since he had his nip/tuck, there are still HUGE physical,psychological, emotional, genetic, physiological differences between a woman and a man who had his penis removed and grew breasts. Heck, even just looking at the glamorous “selfie” posted in the CNN article you can see the distinguishing traits that set apart the transgender from any average woman, even a weight lifting woman. The broad shoulders, the large beefy fingers, the swelling trapezius and deltoid muscles, the thick neck, wrists, and biceps. I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen a female weight lifter, but there’s still a definite difference in overall appearance and build between a female weight lifter and a transgender “woman.”

Have we come to a point in our society where we cannot even recognize the inherent differences between a man and a woman? Since when is it discrimination to say “you are not built like a woman, because you were not born one?” There’s no hateful speech being made, it’s simply a recognition of unavoidable facts, and the left can’t stop crying “hate!”

I think it’s important to note that a scenario similar to this played out last year when world-famous Neil Armstrong was stripped of all of his titles and medals from the Tour d’France because he was –wait for it – creating an unfair advantage for himself by using steroids. Where was the outcry from the LGBT community that time?